Slow cooking isn’t just about food, it is a lifestyle.


These days everything, we do is FAST. We are rushing from one appointment to the next, everything is on the go, including how we eat.

It is not only affecting our bodies and the way we look and feel. It is impacting our relationships, health and our well-being.

We are less present at home with our families and with our friends when we catch up. With the belief that we can do TEN things at once.


We can’t, but we might be able to create some time in your evening help you slow down.

Let me tell you a little thing or two about the Slow Cooking Movement and how this basic ritual can help you bring everything back in balance. To begin with you might be wondering what is SLOW FOOD?

Slow Food is an organization founded in Italy in the mid 80’sthat focuses preservation and promotion of regional cuisine and locals produce. Linked with the slow movement it encourages moments of pause and “slow “ in our increasingly busy lives.

It is about taking the time to slow your life down (even for 30 minutes), put down the screens and really enjoy the simply pleasure of a slow cooked meal and good company around the kitchen table.

So, now that the weather is changing, and it certainly is getting chilly in the morning. It is the perfect time to throw on our snuggly clothes and enjoy some warm, slow cooked meals that make our bodies feel nourished and loved. During the winter months your body craves this type of nourishment, providing healthy nutrients in a super scrumptious way!

If this sounds like something your lifestyle really needs, a dose of slow cooking, reconnecting with your family and taking a small break in your evening, then this movement will work for you.

Keep an eye out for our SLOW COOKED meals in our weekly menu, we will be pleased to help you feel connected again at your kitchen table.

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