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About Us

Giovanni and I started Heather’s Home Cooking because of our love of food and cooking for those around us. Having both been raised in homes that centre around the kitchen we love the comfort of coming home to the smell of a home cooked meal wafting through the house. A process that is getting much harder to achieve in our increasingly busy lives but an experience we wish to help you enjoy too!

We embrace and cherish Giovanni’s Italian heritage and the way food brings people together, using this as inspiration we have created many family friendly meals to be enjoyed by all. We value greatly the time to sit down, connect and eat with our family and friends but discovered with 3 young kids having some prepared meals was the best way to do this.

Our Family

Giovanni comes from the south of Italy, near Naples. Many people in his town still shop for what they need daily, preparing meals from locally sourced produce, cheeses produced in their local area and meat from animals that are pasture raised in local farms.  Having a relationship with the people who produce your food allows you to say connected with what’s happening in the environment around you and the community that it supports. This is something that is important to us. We shop from local businesses and producers, this way we can get quality in season produce all year round and support our community.

Our Mission ...

We want Heather’s Home Cooking to be where you come when you want good quality home cooked food. The convenience of take away food delivered to your door but the trusted quality of home cooking that has been carefully prepared by chefs. We want it to feel like you’re at our house for dinner on those nights when you don’t have the time or just need a break from cooking.

Fresh Ingredients, Always

As parents of 3 young children we are are ever so aware of important it is to nourish our family with simple, delicious dinners prepared from tried and true recipes. Real food without all the processing, preserving agents, colours and additives. Just good home cooked foods.

We look forward to you coming on this journey with us and meeting the people that produce your food and the food adventures we can take you and your families on.

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